Welcome to Hello Law

Say hello to community, wellbeing, skill-building and mentorship in law

Who are we?

We help law students and lawyers build their best life in law by offering ongoing mentorship and guidance, skills-based training and education all whilst promoting wellbeing within a legal community of compassion, positivity and kindness.

Why join the Squad?

The squad is for you if you want to...

  • find a community of people who just "get" legal practice
  • feel like you need a mentor outside the office for some support and guidance
  • learn how to improve your skills in practice
  • evolve with the ever-changing legal practice world
  • know how to build your profile in the industry
  • connect with other lawyers just like you
  • build a network of "phone-a-friend" practitioners 
  • learn how to manage your wellbeing and mitigate risks of burnout
  • work smarter, not harder
  • embrace technology changes in law and learn how to use them 
  • find some ongoing support throughout your legal career
  • learn and understand how to turn yourself from being a law student to a lawyer
  • find ways to focus on positivity and passion in law
  • know why you feel like there is something missing in your legal career
  • find your squad.

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